15 Gallon Kettle with Weldless SS Ball Valve & Thermometer

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15.00 LBS
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15 Gallon Mas Tun Stainless Steel

This is a 15 gallon 304 stainless steel mash tun with drilled holes for the weldless thermometer and weldless ball valve.  Both the thermometer and the ball valve come with this item and are both stainless steel.  The thermometer has  6" probe.  The 6" probe reaches into the mash to accurately measure the mash temperature. 

The face of the thermometer is 3" and reads from 0 - 220 degrees F or -10 to 100 degrees C.  The thermometer is easily calibrated using a set screw on the back of the dial.  To calibrate, boil some water and set the thermometer to 212 degrees F or 100 degrees C.  Two high temp silicone washers are included on the thermometer.  One is placed on each side of the wall and secured in place when screwed into place with the lock nut. 

The ball valve is a 1/2" stainless valve with a 1/2" barbed outlet.  Two high temp washers are included with the valve.  Similiar to the thermometer, one is placed on each side and held in place with a lock nut.  Using two washers helps insure you will have a leak free brew day. 

The mash tun has a tri clad bottom that will spread the heat of a direct flame from your burner across the bottom and minimize any chances of scorching.  Mash Tuns that only have a single layer bottom will likely cause scorching while heating the mash and will change the flavor of the finished beer.  Scorched wort is not as fermentable and leaves a finished beer with a higher gravity and less alcohol.

The handles are rivited into place and sturdy.  The lid has nice large handle as well.  This mash tun is built to last through years of use in your brew house.

Using a stainless steel mash tun allows you to heat the mash to easily maintain or increase the temperature of the mash.

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