Blichmann SS Conicals

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Blichmann SS Conicals

Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

Brew in stainless steel conical fermenting vessels just like the professionals.  This style of fermenting tank is also known as the cylindroconical tank or uni-tank.  Stainless steel is the best material for a fermenting vessel.

Tank sizes available 7, 14, 27, and 42 gallons.  The tanks come with either tri-clamp fittings or standard national pipe thread fittings.  You can add a tri-clamp blow off, leg extensions to make it taller by 20 inches, and casters for easy mobility.


Unlike glass carboys, these tanks are impervious to heat, won't shatter, and won't admit light. Unlike plastic buckets or plastic conical fermenters, they won't scratch, discolor, or harbor bacteria. Cold break and trub can be removed via the bottom ball valve, without transferring wort or beer. Collecting wort samples is fast and sanitary.

Adding dry hops, oak chips, or other additives is a breeze. Fresh yeast can be removed via the bottom dump for collection, immediate repitching, or disposal. A large-diameter top means an accessible interior for easy cleaning.  Rotating racking arm makes for simple, sanitary, sediment-free racking, and there is no need for siphoning.


  • Weld-free interior
  • Replaceable threaded fittings
  • Rotating racking arm
  • Directional 90° bottom dump
  • Stainless 3-piece ball valves - highly sanitary
  • Folding carry handles (CF01 and CF02 only)
  • Pressure capable stainless lid
  • Beaded silicone lid seal
  • Lid hatch: soda keg-style hatch allows monitoring and sampling without unsealing and removing the whole lid
  • Channel-shaped legs: welded to tank wall exterior, with scratch-preventing pads on the feet
  • Optional bolt-on leg extensions add 20 inches height
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 14 gauge flange; 16 gauge sidewall; 18 gauge cone



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