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Live Oak Berliner Weisse


An article from a customer in Texas:

Living in Texas, there are a few micro-breweries around but id have to say my pick is Live Oak Brewing. They have one of my favorites beers called the "Live Oak Berliner Weisse", however the only downside is it one of their limited quantity brews that is seasonal. This German based cloudy looking brew is very low on its bitterness but has the right hit of tart or sourness and sharp fruitiness that tastes perfect to me. One thing about this specific brew is that it is low in alcohol, roughly 2.6 percent; but the brew is still bubbly. I'm really in favor of its tartness but it's not often preferred straight up by many people. As a result of this, it is available for serving with a shot of flavored syrups in it to cancel out that tartness. I've tried looking and trying out other Weisses but nothing compares to this one specifically.

Bell's Brewery

Tucked back in the shadows of Kalamazoo Michigan, lies a brewery, dedicated to serving its consumers some of the finest quality beers available in the nation. Originally known as Kalamazoo Brewing Company, Bell's Brewery got its start back in 1983. Founder, Larry Bell, renamed the business in 2005 after himself.In 2011 the American Home-Brewers Association deemed Bell's Two Hearted Ale, [...]

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The Charleston Brewing Company

West Virginia has been one of the many states that have seen a recent boom in local craft beer breweries. Each of these little breweries brings their own original take to the beer making process. This movement is itself an expansion of the capabilities of beer tastes and makers. The recent explosion of microbreweries has served to bring new flavors [...]

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Craft Brewing in the US

There's a certain logic to the increasing popularity of craft brewing in the United States. People's consumption patterns of anything will change during troubled economic times, and it makes sense that a micro brewery is going to have more of an appeal when money is tight. The various craft brewers that are rising around the [...]

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GABF Recap

GABF 2014 Recap:The Great American Beer Festival is the premier U.S. beer festival and competition in Denver, Co. With over 700 breweries pouring beer for around 50,000 people it is a large event to say the least. Not to mention the countless other events going on around the few day festival. If you haven’t ever been we highly recommend [...]

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How to Add a Weldless Anything to Your Home Brew Kettle

Adding a thermometer, valve, or sight glass to your brew kettle is one of the most rewarding upgrades you can make in home brewing, but drilling into your stainless steel stock pot can make you a little nervous. After all, you didn’t drop a couple hundred dollars on your kettle just to destroy it by trying to [...]

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How Guinness Pours with Effect

I have had questions lately on how Guinness and other breweries make canned or bottled beers pour with a cascading effect, so here is a post on how this is achieved. Inside a Guinness bottle or can is a small plastic device. This is referred to as a widget. In some brands the widget is attached to the bottom [...]

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Breweries Biggest Investment: Kegs

You do not need to be a brewer to understand the relevance of kegs to beer manufacturing and distribution. It is the best equipment used to deliver beers to millions of customers across the country. Keg investment is always expensive because it costs millions of dollars to manufacture enough quantities that could go round to customers. However, as a reusable [...]

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How Home Brew Pumps Work

A customer of ours asked us recently how the magnetic drive pumps work. We thought we would include a blog post on this subject to share our answer with everyone. Both the March and Chugger Magnetic Drive pumps operate the same. There are two parts to a pump. These are the pump head and the pump motor. [...]

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Lowering Taxes for Small Breweries

Two bills are currently under consideration in Congress, which could lower taxes paid by brewers. One of the bills is the Small Brew Act. The other is the BEER Act. Both bills would result in a lower excise tax on brewers, but the Small Brew Act is more beneficial to small brewers as it will reduce the federal excise tax [...]

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