Beer Spoilage in Keg

Posted by Chris on 2nd Sep 2014

Occasionally we have customers that bring a sample of beer to one our home brew retail locations so that an employee can help diagnose an off flavor. The employee will learn that the kegged bee … read more

Bacteria in Ball Valves

Posted by Chris on 1st Sep 2014

You spend a good portion of your brewing time cleaning and sanitizing your equipment so that all the hard work you put into making your beer doesn’t go down the drain. If you don’t dismantle an … read more

Great American Beer Festival - Better and Bigger Than Ever

27th Aug 2014

From October 2-4, Denver, Colorado will once again welcome the 33rd annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Nearly 50,000 thirsty attendees will have the chance to sip thousands of beers from b … read more

Why We Malt Barley

21st Aug 2014

The last article regarding the malting process was specifically on the steps of malting. Now I would like to take some time to explain why barley is malted for brewing. In a simple explanation, a … read more

FlavorActiv Sensory Analysis

18th Aug 2014

By being able to recognize flavor faults, you will be better prepared to deal with their consequences or to prevent or replicate such faults the next time you home brew.Learn To Brew teaches a class … read more