Big Breweries Moving to Small Towns

13th Aug 2014

Asheville, North Carolina has become one of the more talked about locations in the country when the topic is craft beer breweries. More and more companies outside of the state are expanding their o … read more

The Malting Process

12th Aug 2014

The Malting ProcessMalting is the first step taken to transform barley into beer.It is possible to grind up unmalted barley and add various chemicals to break down the starches and ferment it.This, … read more

Growth of Home Brewing in the U.S.

11th Aug 2014

The art of home brewing is on the rise in the United States. Since home brewing was legalized in 1979, it began to increase as a hobby for amateur brew masters. Recent polls have shown that there a … read more

6-row Barley vs. 2-row Barley

Posted by Chris on 7th Aug 2014

I am starting a discussion here on barley and the malting processes.In this first write up I will discuss barley as it is unmalted and compare 2-row versus 6-row.Many varieties of malted barley exis … read more

How to Build a Keezer Kegerator

6th Aug 2014

Over the years we have had many questions on how to build a kegerator from a chest freezer. These units are often referred to as keezers. We now have a video that will show you in 8 minutes how to b … read more