Bell's Brewery

21st Feb 2015

Tucked back in the shadows of Kalamazoo Michigan, lies a brewery, dedicated to serving its consumers some of the finest quality beers available in the nation. Originally known as Kalamazoo Brewing Company, Bell's Brewery got its start back in 1983. Founder, Larry Bell, renamed the business in 2005 after himself.

In 2011 the American Home-Brewers Association deemed Bell's Two Hearted Ale, (an India Pale Ale) to be the second best brew in the nation. However, this is largely due to the fact that their Two Hearted Ale is available, year-round, unlike many of their other unique brews.

The pallet of this Beer-snob would have voted their summer brew, (Oberon) to be the best brew in the nation, hands down. Oberon is available from late March through August. It is a crisp and citrus flavored brew, that is both refreshing as well as delicious.

Some of the other seasonal brews include; Best Brown Ale, which is available in the fall months of September, and October. The always tasty Winter White Ale is the perfect brew to compliment your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, available from November, through December. Finally, there is the Smitten Gold Rye Ale, available from January, through late March, when Oberon makes it's return and the cycle restarts.

If that isn't enough, there are a number of styles, that are brewed in single batches, once a year. These infamous concoctions, include, Hopslam, Sparkling Ale, and the Consecrator Popplebock.

Having your favorite brew made available, only a couple months out of the year, is both a blessing and a plague. While I believe that the anticipation of the Oberon coming out in March, does make for that first one of the year to be all the more refreshing; There are also times when I wish that I could pick up a six-pack anytime of the year.

Luckily, Bell's Brewery is no stranger to quality and there are several beers made available to us all twelve months of the year. The most popular of which is the Two Hearted Ale. Others include the Midwestern Pale Ale, Porter, Kalamazoo stout, Third Coast, Oarsman and the Amber Ale.

Bell's Brewery never lets me down. Each and every brew that I have had from this outstanding company has been more than satisfying. So, next time you're in the ole bottle shop, or cruising down the beer aisle, at the grocery store, keep your eyes peeled for the Bell's logo, I'm sure you can guess what it is!