Craft Brewing in the US

19th Jan 2015

There's a certain logic to the increasing popularity of craft brewing in the United States. People's consumption patterns of anything will change during troubled economic times, and it makes sense that a micro brewery is going to have more of an appeal when money is tight. The various craft brewers that are rising around the country may charge less for a better product. People sometimes get suspicious of large corporations during a difficult economy, so it isn't surprising that the large beer companies aren't doing as well as the small craft brewers.

People that are interested in craft brewing many want to invest in the niche. However, it may be a good time for people that have always been interested in craft brewing to open their own micro brewery outlets. The actual popularity of craft brewing is increasing, and more beer drinkers are interested in this product. The economy is recovering enough that people that enter the market now may have the advantage, and they will be jumping on a trend that is probably only going to expand.