Live Oak Berliner Weisse

6th Apr 2015

An article from a customer in Texas:

Living in Texas, there are a few micro-breweries around but id have to say my pick is Live Oak Brewing. They have one of my favorites beers called the "Live Oak Berliner Weisse", however the only downside is it one of their limited quantity brews that is seasonal. This German based cloudy looking brew is very low on its bitterness but has the right hit of tart or sourness and sharp fruitiness that tastes perfect to me. One thing about this specific brew is that it is low in alcohol, roughly 2.6 percent; but the brew is still bubbly. I'm really in favor of its tartness but it's not often preferred straight up by many people. As a result of this, it is available for serving with a shot of flavored syrups in it to cancel out that tartness. I've tried looking and trying out other Weisses but nothing compares to this one specifically.