The Charleston Brewing Company

Posted by Friend of Learn To Brew on 26th Jan 2015

West Virginia has been one of the many states that have seen a recent boom in local craft beer breweries. Each of these little breweries brings their own original take to the beer making process. This movement is itself an expansion of the capabilities of beer tastes and makers. The recent explosion of microbreweries has served to bring new flavors to beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. The trend is good for the overall growth of the industry. In recent years there have been stories of large breweries supporting local craft brewers when times were tough. The increased amount of craft brewing only furthers the entire industry.

One of the best of these types of breweries is found in Charleston, West Virginia. The Charleston Brewing Company has over 25 craft beers on tap. This means that you will need to make several trips back to the brewery to try them all out. Situated in the quaint downtown of Charleston, the Charleston Brewing Company is a great example of the ingenuity that has come out of localized craft brewers. These kinds of brewers tend to be more risky with the beer that they create. Occasionally this leads to a flop, but more often than not it can lead to a homerun.

One of these homeruns is a beer that was recently introduced on the Charleston Brewing Company menu. This beer is known simply as ‘70 Bob’ and has a fun bit of history behind its unusual moniker. In the olden times, a British shilling was known as a bob. The history of the number 70 is perhaps best left to the drinker. This unusual blend of beer features flavors reminiscent of caramel, sweet bread, and perhaps a hint of chocolate. It is sweeter than many beers you will find on the market, but that makes it a perfect companion during certain times of the year. If you’re making your way down to Charleston, West Virginia anytime soon this would be a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening. The ’70 Bob’ is perhaps the most unique craft beer that you will be able to find. The good news is that if it isn’t for you, there is an entire tap loaded up of new craft beers to try.