Brewing Big Beer Barely Wine Instructional DVD

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Brewing Big Beer Barely Wine Instructional DVD

Join our professional brew master as he instructs you on how to brew big beers.  There are many types of barley wines available on the market. This video will help you understand the steps to big beer brewing so that you can create any type of barley wine right from your home. Because of the higher alcohol content in barley wines, the brewing process can be difficult and challenging.  This video guides you in an easily understood methodology on how to over come these challenges and homebrew great tasting barley wines every time you brew. Available on DVD.  (Run Time Approx 40 min.


Our professional brewer, Chris Milum has studied brewing sciences at the University of California Davis and with the American Brewer's Guild.  Mr. Milum holds his Certificate of Brewing and Packaging issued by the Institute of Brewing in Buron, England and holds his Master Brewer's Diploma from the American Brewers Guild.