Conical Wine Making Kit

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Conical Wine Making Kit

This is the industry's most complete wine making kit.  With the 8 gallon conical wine making kit you eliminate the need to transfer your wine from primary to secondary.  Every step in wine making is done in this one vessel.  By eliminating the need to transfer your wine, you are less likely to disturb the wine causing off flavors.  Plus, since you do not have to move form primary to secondary for maturation and clarification, you don't have to clean and sanitize any equipment or spend the time transferring the wine from vessel to vessel.  Also with this kit, you can bottle directly from the conical.  There is no need to transfer to another bottle bucket and then into the bottles. 

This kit includes:

  • 8 Gallon Cylindro Conical Unitank (including valves and parts)*
  • Large Plastic Spoon
  • Wine Degassing Rod
  • Hydrometer and Case
  • Instructions
  • Double Lever Corker
  • Three Piece Airlock
  • Drilled Rubber Bung
  • Food Grade Vinyl Transfer Tubing
  • Bottle Filler
  • Bottle Brush

Don't forget to add an instructional DVD.

Three reasons why small batch brewers and wine makers buy Minibrew fermenters: Less work, less expensive, and more fun.

Now you can make your favorite beverage with professionally designed equipment. Beer or wine, you'll be happy you joined the "Small Batch Gang." The flavor is up to you. Our inert polyethylene plastic will not change the taste.

Easy to Clean and Sterilize All popular cleaning and/or sterilizing agents can be used on our plastic (HDPE) fermenters. They will not harm the inert plastic material. Water at 180 degrees is an excellent sterilizing agent; pour it down the sides of the fermenter. The heat will sink into the plastic and all the parts, killing bacteria. This procedure works with stainless also. The large top makes it easy to get inside and scrub dried trub with a Teflon scouring pad. The melting point of plastic is 250 degrees.

No Scratches Worries One need not worry about tiny scratches in plastic or stainless. There are two answers to the problem and both are easy. The first is to do nothing. Sterilize with hot water. The second is to remove the scratch by cutting down the sides with a dull knife. Draw the blade toward you, scraping away the plastic. Grinding and buffing scratches in stainless steel is more complicated.

No Secondary Transfers No need to transfer wort or wine to a secondary fermentation vessel. It is safer and less work to transfer the lees and dead yeast cells from the bottom while you leave the fermenting process above untouched.

Fermenter Design and Shape The precise shape of the 60 degree cone and top cylinder (one unit wide by one unit high+) are fermenter design perfections developed over the years by dedicated brewers looking to improve taste, consistency and ease of use. The shape positions the yeast and convection does the rest. The mixing motion of the currents assures complete yeast wort contact. The yeast near the cool sides will sink and, upon hitting the conical bottom, is forced into the center where it is warmer. Active yeast tends to give off heat. The hard working warmer cells rise to the top and spread to the sides to complete the cycle. Dead yeast cells will drop to the bottom and are removed quickly and easily (about 30% are alive) for disposal or reuse.

Precise Temperature Monitoring Thermometer threads on the MiniBrew System brand of fermenters are located near the middle of the wort for precise temperature monitoring. A screw-in plug is included. Two different HBE thermometers are available and sold separately.

Valves included The 1/2" racking port threads are located on the side cone just above the settled yeast level. The port valve is for sampling, specific gravity reading and, of course, racking to bottles and kegs. The valve at the apex of the cone is for filling the fermenter and draining dead yeast. The thickest of yeast will flow through this large valve.

ALL THIS without lifting a carboy, siphoning risk or breaking glass. Now small batch brewing is easy and professional. Carboys, plastic buckets, converted kegs and stainless are history. They just do not provide the benefits, flexibility, ease of use and low cost.

When you open the box our fermenter is ready to go just clean and sterilize. Included are a 1" bottom ball valve, 1/2" racking port ball valve, a lid and stand. The lid has two 1/2 inch threads with screw in plugs. There is also a screw in plug for a thermometer thread just below the label. The thermometer is not included. The Plastic is full 5/16" thick. The unit is 38 1/2" tall by 14 3/4" wide. This 8 gallon fermenter is designed for five gallon recipes. It ships FedEx in one oversize box. All parts that you order as extras will be in the box. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.


California Recipients:  Prop 65 Warning
The general Proposition 65 notice is as follows: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.