Design Your Own Grain Recipe

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Design Your Own Grain Recipe

This item has been designed to help you quickly enter and process your all grain recipe so that you don't have to sort through all the clicks to find the grains that you are wanting. 

The list of grains, hops, and yeast that we carry is below this message.  To order your recipe, please type in your grains and weights into the text box above.  Next, select the box with the weight range that matches your total grain bill. Please follow the example provided.  You may enter upto 10 lines of text in the text box.


Enter your hops after you have selected your grains. List each hop and the total weight of each hop.  Hops are sold by the ounce.  If you choose 1.25 ounces you will receive two bags of one ounce each.  Please follow this example:


Enter the number of yeast vials or packets.  Here you are able to purchase either White Lab's yeast vials or Wyeast Activator Smack Packs.  You may choose upto 3 vials or packets. After selecting the number of yeast vials then enter the brand name and yast name in the text box.  Here is an example:


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