Fastferment Temp Control Fementation Jacket

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3.65 LBS
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Fastferment Temp Control Fementation Jacket
  • For use with the wall mounts or stand
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Keep steady temperature with in 0.5°F when used properly
  • For use in cold or warm temperatures
  • Check temperatures with out opening the jacket


The FastFerment Insulated Jacket allows you to create the ideal temperature for your Brewing & Wine Making in FastFerment. It works with the Wall Mounts*** & with the FastFerment Stand. In hot climates, add 2L bottles of ice to cool it down, switching them out every 2-5 days. In cool climates, simply add a heating pad. The Fastferment temp control jacket allows you to produce world class lagers with out the expense or space needed for a fidge or freezer. 
***FastFerments produced before August of 2015 contain brackets that are not strong enough to hold the additional weight of the insulated jacket and necessary ice. Please see photo and ensure your brackets are compatible with the FastFerment Insulated Jacket.

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