Quick Chill 50' Copper Immersion Chiller with Recirculation Arm (1/2 Inch Tubing)

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Recirculation Copper Immersion Chiller

Tired of stirring your wort chiller to speed up the cooling process? Recirculation is the answer! The WC45A is our WC45 Superchiller with a recirculation arm soldered directly to it. This recirculation arm is also equipped with a 1/2" FPT fitting to accommodate a barb, nipple, or quick disconnect fitting for easier and more customized connections. Water inlet is 3/4" female garden hose thread; Water outlet is 3/4" male garden hose thread.

Estimated dimensions are:

12" Diameter
11.5" To the top coil
23.5" To the bend that goes over the kettle lip