Quick Chill 50' Copper Triple Coil Immersion Chiller (3/8 inch tubing)

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Triple Coil Copper Immersion Chiller

A triple coil chills your hot wort faster than a single or double coil. The triple coil configuration spreads out the cooling capacity to include the center of the hot wort and not just the outside.  Most 50 foot copper immersion chillers are too tall for a 5 gallon batch of home brew.  This left a home brewer with only one option; a single coil of copper that was 25 feet long.  With a triple coil design you can now use 50 feet of 3/8” copper instead of 25 feet and double your cooling capacity dropping your chill time dramatically.  See pictures for dimensions of the chiller.  This chiller is made in the USA with USA copper.