Uni-Stat IIa Digital Heating & Cooling Controller - FREE SHIPPING!

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Uni-Stat IIa Digital Heating & Cooling Controller  - FREE SHIPPING!

Precise Heating or Cooling Controller




  • All functions accessible with simple switching – no programming or disassembly required to switch to COOL or HEAT mode, and vice-versa.
  • Bright 3-digit LED display – easily seen in any light, even from a distance.


  • No programming req
    • Plug-in, replaceable temperature probe, with extra-long 8’ cable.
    • Operates to maintain selected set-point within +/- 1° differential – most others average above (for cooling) or below (for heating) set-point, not around it as it should, for accuracy of desired temperature control.
    • No power cord needed, simply plugs directly into the 120V outlet.
    • Unique “smart” switch-selectable 50% Duty Cycle feature, for more precise control and energy saving by reducing “overshoot” cooling or heating (think of watering your lawn with timed on-off cycling to avoid wasted run-off, with maximum water absorption).  Automatic switch to 100% if 50% inadequate cooling or heating.
    • One-finger Adjustable range of 10 – 220°F, with 1° set-point accuracy.
    • Visual temperature alarm; automatically re-set with set-point adjustment – no need to program.
    • Automatic sensor fault detection and shut-off
    • 3-minute compressor turn-on delay for short-cycle protection.
  • Designed and produced in USA; 3 year warranty